Your Regenerative Treatment Plan – How Does It Work?

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So many options, what do you pick? 

When you visit a clinic practicing regenerative medicine, it can sometimes be confusing when you are met with a wide array of different treatments and services, all of which fall under the umbrella of “regenerative” or “stem-cell-based medicine”, and it may not be quite clear how they apply to you, which treatment you should pick, or why a doctor has recommended a particular protocol.

At NuaCell, for example, there are many treatments available, from Carboxytherapy, PRP, Prolotherapy and PRF, to Nano and Micro Fat adipose-tissue-derived cell procedures. These treatments can be performed on their own, or also in conjunction with each other as combination therapies, triple or quattro therapies.

When you have a consultation with your practitioner, he/she will often analyse your case carefully, and then prescribe a recommended treatment plan based specifically on your own requirements and the details of your condition. But how does the doctor decide what treatments to use, are some better than others, and how can you make sense of these procedures so you understand exactly what is recommended, and how it works?


So many options can sometimes lead to confusion when it comes to regenerative treatments.  

The Treatments…


This short guide will help you get a handle on some of these questions

First, let us look at some of the most common regenerative treatments you will come across.

CarboxytherapyThis treatment involves the introduction of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) into the tissue to stimulate a healing response, and is most commonly used for skin and hair regeneration.

Prolotherapy This is a relatively simple but effective treatment for orthopaedic issues like sports injuries, where the goal is to stimulate a healing response in the body. The area of injury is injected with an irritant, usually a form of dextrose, and B vitamin complex, and manual irritation using the needle is performed, to cause an inflammatory healing response and regrow and repair the damaged tissue.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Your own blood is processed to extract the plasma, which contains many healing and growth cells, including haemopoietic stem cells, which are very effective for both skin and hair restoration, as well as for muscle, bone and joint injuries.

PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) This is very similar to PRP, in that it is also extracted from your own blood, however the preparation of the PRF is different, and as a result it contains fibrin, which supports early growth of tissue, and higher concentrations of healing cells like leukotrienes. PRF also contains haemopoietic stem cells.

Growth Factor Injections While technically not a true regenerative treatment, in so much as it uses a synthetic compound as opposed to your own cells, Growth Factor Injections do contribute to growth and repair of tissue, so they do fall into this bracket. At NuaCell the GF compound contains special copper peptides which have been shown to be very effective for hair growth and maintenance in particular.

Nano Fat and Micro Fat (Adipose-Derived Cells) – Your subcutaneous (under the skin) fat contains a rich supply of healing and growth cells, including what are known as multipotent stem cells. This means that, when properly harvested and processed, these cells are capable of growing many different types of tissue in the body very effectively, from skin and hair to muscle, bone, tendon, cartilage and more. Micro fat is one type of this treatment, which is particularly effective for aesthetic and volume treatments, as an alternative to fillers in the face for example, as it still contains lipocytes, which are the fat cells that can give support and shape to an area. When the fat is broken down even further, into nano fat, this releases more of the super potent cells for healing and growth, and this is very useful for orthopaedic issues and sports injuries.


Nano fat and Micro fat are advanced forms of regenerative medicine.

The Combinations…


Now that we have a good idea of the treatments that are available, let’s take a look at how they might be prescribed in different protocols for you. What is so important to note here is that each of these treatments is very effective as a regenerative treatment all by itself. Each one works in a slightly different way to stimulate growth and healing. Some are more potent than others, some work better for a specific tissue type than others, and oftentimes the best results are achieved by using them together, but as stand alone treatments every one of the above will work in one form or another.

The most common combination treatments you will see at NuaCell are:



Carboxytherapy + PRP – Most often used for hair growth. This is a very effective and simple way to stimulate growth and regeneration of skin and hair.

TRIPLE THERAPY – Carboxytherapy + PRP + Growth Factor Injections  – Another specific hair loss treatment with added Growth Factors for improved growth and longevity of the follicles.

QUATTRO THERAPY – Carboxytherapy + PRP + Growth Factor Injections +PRF – This is similar to the Triple Therapy, but also contains PRF for a more concentrated mix of cells. This is the current gold standard of regenerative stimulation treatment for hair loss.



Prolotherapy + PRP – Generally it is advised to do a minimum of PRP alongside the basic prolotherapy to enhance the initial healing and growth that is stimulated with the prolotherapy. The immediate availability of the healing and stem cells in the PRP is hugely beneficial to the injured tissue.

Prolotherapy + PRP + PRF – Including PRF alongside the prolotherapy and PRP means that the extra fibrin in the PRF is available to start building a scaffolding of supporting tissue at the site of the injury.

Prolotherapy + PRP + PRF + Nanofat – This is the current gold standard of regenerative medicine at NuaCell for sports and orthopaedic injuries. Including the nano fat adds multipotent adipose-based stem cells to the pluripotent haemopoietic stem cells in the PRP and PRF, and hugely increases the growth and regenerative potential of the tissue.

Combining treatments can often improve efficacy and results.


The Combinations…


As you can see, there are various ways of combining these regenerative treatments in order to achieve different results and different potencies. In theory, the more stimulation you do, the better, so to achieve the most effective result, common sense would dictate that you should always have the most comprehensive treatment. However there are many cases where the condition or the requirements of the individual do not call for such an advanced treatment. There are also certain chronic conditions, such as hair loss for example, that need to be managed on an ongoing basis, so finding a balance between realistically affordable treatment and beneficial results is also important. And then there is the issue of diminishing returns. We know that the body needs time to actually recover and remodel the tissue in response to a treatment, so there is no point following up immediately with another treatment the next day, or next week, or next month in some cases.

With things like orthopaedic injuries, the type of treatment will be dictated by the location and nature of the injury, and future treatments will generally depend on the response of the injury to the initial treatment.


The Cost…

An obvious consideration is also the cost of these treatments. In general, if you start at the top of the list above with Carboxytherapy, which is usually quite affordable in the €60 – 200 range, and work downwards, the treatments do get progressively more expensive as they increase in potency and technical involvement of the doctor and team in terms of preparation and administration of the treatment

This is of course a very important point for clients when considering these treatments, however it is not to say that if a Nano fat treatment is recommended by the practitioner, but is not a financially viable option for that person, that nothing can be done. As mentioned, there are many approaches to these treatments, and the price should not exclude or eliminate you from achieving good results. It should be viewed that by adding combination therapies on top of a base treatment you can greatly enhance the results, rather than seeing it as if you cannot afford one of the more complex procedures then your results will be worse. It is simply a different approach, which may indeed produce quicker and more effective results, but any of the above treatments are fantastic options to reach these goals in their own right.

Once your doctor has consulted with you and made recommendations based on your case, it is very important that you ask questions to ensure you understand entirely what has been prescribed, how it works, and what you can expect in terms of outcomes. This will make sure that you are well informed and comfortable with all aspects of the process before you have to make any decisions on a treatment.

If you’d like any more information on the treatments mentioned in this article, or if you’d like to understand more about how these combination treatments work, just let us know!


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