The Ultimate Covid Test Provided Privately by NuaCell Clinic

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We Offer the Most Comprehensive Covid Test in Ireland at NuaCell Clinic as part of the The Dublin Study

The Ultimate Covid Test includes:

1. Antigen Rapid Test (Antibodies present now)

2. Antibody Rapid Test (Antibodies present in the past)
3. Antibody Neutralising Test (Vaccine efficacy)
4. Free Health App, where you own your data and have access to your health records 24/7! (Axon myHealth)
5. Test Certificate (via Axon myHealth)
All this for €100
(Limited offer, book before the 29th November)

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For Your Safety


No need to get lost in the complexity of the different tests. We will answer all critical questions*.

For Your Travel


All tests are WHO / HSE approved or CE marked.

For Your Community


Now with the FREE Axon myHealth application, so that you can access your test results anytime, anywhere.

* Do I have Covid? Did I have Covid? Do I have antibody protection if I had Covid in the past? Has my vaccine triggered antibody protection? Is my Vaccine still effective? Can I get vaccinated already if I had Covid?

Appointment, Test and Results


What You Need To Do

1. Book Your Test

Book a time and date for your test, completing a free account registration

2. Email Confirmation

Receive an appointment confirmation email and download Axon myHealth from the Apple or Play stores

3. Use Application

Follow the steps outlined in the reminder email everyday to update your health profile

4. Covid-19 Test

Come into the clinic on the appointment date and get your Ultimate Covid-19 Test


5. Results

Receive an email to complete feedback for the study and receive your Covid-19 Test results in your electronic medical record application on your phone

Book an appointment for The Ultimate Covid Test & Study


If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so 24 hours prior to your allocated time. For instance, this can be done through the online portal in the Acuity Application or by contacting us at the bottom of the page. Full charges apply if you fail to attend an appointment. Therefore, please do not book a test if you are unsure of your availability. Unavoidable circumstances may warrant special consideration*.

Your Appointment

Remember to bring identification documents such as your ID or Drivers License with you. In addition, to speed up your testing, results and provide you with the most accurate information, please bring your mobile phone with Axon myHealth application installed. Your certificates will be available via the Axon myHealth application. If you are vaccinated and wish to receive the Neutralising Antibody test, you will need to show proof of Vaccination.

Ultimate Covid Test and Study Overview Cheap Affordable Testing For Travel

The Technology

in use by The Ultimate Covid Test

The first steps towards a comprehensive blockchain technology solution is by combining 4 IR technologies and multiple systems of encryption and security. This will therefore ensure that your data is secured at the highest industry standard. In addition the technology utilised in Axon is currently trusted by clients such as Bosch, Tradingview, Doodle, Lufthansa and Safecharge to name a few.

Axon Evolution aims to address the priorities of the EU Digital Transformation in Health Care through an integrated health care solution. Similarly, this solution combines the 4th Industrial Revolution elements such as Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

The solution allows individual users to record health developments and test results. Moreover, these health recordings can be connected to GPs, hospitals and employers through an advanced Electronic Health Record system, which is Axon. In addition to providing a solution to long waiting queues and personal medical inaccessibility, Axon Evolution can deliver standardized communication channels for the individual to hospitals, employers as well as the hospitality industry.

Uniquely, it gives patients access and visibility to their own health records at anytime and any where in the world. By facilitating collaborations among different health professionals, governments and service industries, it can help them work together in real time to provide the public with efficient health care solutions.



Requirements & Eligibility

for The Ultimate Covid Test

The study is available for anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Have a Mobile Phone (Apple or Android)
  • Updated Mobile Operating System, iOS above 13 & Android above 10
  • Have an Email Address
  • Have a Phone Number
  • Download the Axon myHealth Application
  • Is above 16 years of age
  • Provide Identification Documents (ID or Drivers License) on the day of testing
  • If vaccinated, produce vaccination certificate (EU or Similar)


Study Information

This unique Clinical Study is to determine the effectiveness of an Electronic Health Record system and to research the value and desirability of you managing your own medical records.

Similar to managing your online banking and self controlling your financial information and transactions, this study will allow you to manage and access your own medical records and test results, when and how you want, from anywhere in the world.

The relevance of communicating and accessing critical medical information was highlighted again during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. The lack of relevant information in real time was singled out as the most significant contributory factor to wrong decision making and poor guidelines offered all across the world. The advice was based on assumptions and best guesses with very little evidence.

What if you and communities around you could proactively communicate your symptoms and possible contacts when a pandemic breaks out again? Or even better, what if the correct individual or “hot-spots” could be identified to prevent spreading? What if critically exposed individuals could be spotted developing certain symptom patterns based on their daily self-reporting information. What if this could change the way we think about communicating directly with medical support and intervention?

Conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and many other conditions can be managed differently if you can exercise control over how and when you access medical help. Managing acute and chronic health issues from your own phone or PC should be as easy as managing your finances from your phone or PC.

GDPR and Privacy

We ensure the protection of your privacy at every step. No personal information (name, surname, date of birth, address, and contact information etc) you submit will be used for the study by the research institutes.
Axon is committed to the proper use of your data. In case of a positive test, it is mandatory to report your personal data and test result to the Health Authorities in Ireland.

All the published reports are shared with higher education research institutes and all the information in the study is aggregated information. In other words, your personal information has been removed. Therefore, you will never be identified as an individual in this study.

Apart from the Dublin study, Axon will allow you to maintain and manage your own health records. As a result, you will always remain the owner of your own data, including deleting and or removing your information at any stage in the future.

Axon allows you to create your own digital library of your medical information history and records. This allows you to access your information 24/7 from anywhere in world. In conclusion, Axon aims to be your very own medical information wallet.

Being in control of your own data allows you to choose who you share information with and how long before their access expires. Easily allowing medical treatment in countries abroad, by carrying your medical information in your pocket.

Research Collaborators

The Dublin Study collaborators are the following: University of Birmingham (UK), Ulster University (NI), University
College Dublin (ROI), UCD Smurfit Business School (ROI), Huzhou University (CHN), University of New
South Wales Sydney (AUS), Taipei Medical University (TW), Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (TW) and Turku University Finland (FIN).

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get to NuaCell Clinic? Are there Directions?

NuaCell Clinic is situated in Malahide Medical Centre, just above the “Diamond” in Malahide. A few doors above the restaurant McGoverns, you will find a Black Door and signage on the outside.

You can also find directions to the clinic by googling “NuaCell Clinic”.
Alternatively, you can find the clinic by clicking here.

Where can I park?

There is parking behind the AIB Bank branch which is 1 minute away from the clinic.

You can also find parking across the road at the Supervalue.

Where can I download the Axon myHealth app?

You can find the Axon myHealth application on both the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore.

Which tests do you use? What are the critical questions you answer?

Rapid Antigen POC (Point of Care) nasal & buchal (cheek) swab tests, which will answer your question of
– Do I have Covid-19 now?

Antibody POC, which will answer your questions of
– Did I have Covid-19?
– Do I have antibody protection if I had Covid-19 in the past?

Rapid Neutralising Antibody, which will answer your questions of
– Has my vaccine triggered antibody protection?
– Is my Vaccine still effective?
– Can I get Vaccinated already if I had Covid?

What is the Axon myHealth application?

The Axon myHealth application is a mobile application that users can download to streamline their health and well-being management, organisation and communication with their health care provider.

Axon implements the first steps towards a comprehensive blockchain technology solution, combining 4 IR technologies and multiple systems of encryption and security.

The Ultimate Covid Test with Axon myHealth Affordable Covid Testing
The Ultimate Covid Test with Axon myHealth Affordable Covid Testing

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