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Read some of the stories from clients who have had their regenerative treatments at the clinic.

While it is always nice to hear from people who have undergone their own journey, please note that everyone is different and can respond in unique ways to these procedures.

My experience with Dr.Sam and the team has been exceptional. They take the time to go through how the procedure will work and the effects and benefits of the outcome, I’ve never been more comfortable sitting in a clinic in my life. 
John C

Hair Loss

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When I first came to the clinic and started my initial sessions of Carboxy and PRP, within weeks I could notice a marked difference in the amount of hair and follicle growth throughout my head and face! As someone who’s not too fond of needles, I was slightly concerned how I would feel throughout the procedure, but after only the first session, I was put at absolute ease, as I barely felt a thing.  
When I started my initial sessions, after only a few weeks I noticed a remarkable improvement in the amount of growth I saw. I will stress that it is important to keep regular sessions, as once you do there’s no question anyone can come out with a full head of hair again.
Dr.Sam and the team have been nothing but kind and supportive through my whole journey so far with NuaCell. I would recommend them to anyone looking to seek similar treatment for their own hair. 
I had suffered chronic shoulder pain for years as a result of an old sporting injury, and after several corticosteroid injections and rehab I still had no improvement.The team at NuaCell identified some degeneration in the joint, and I had 2 PRP treatments into the shoulder.

PRP - Shoulder Pain

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The treatment was painless, the doctor used local anaesthetics so I felt nothing. I was a little bit sore for about 48 hours afterwards, but was advised to move the arm and shoulder gently, which helped a lot. Almost immediately I was told to perform some easy movements to help stimulate the tissue to grow.

I followed a shoulder rehabilitation exercise plan, which had not worked before, and I had a noticeable decrease in pain and more strength in the shoulder after about 6 weeks. The team told me at the start that I might need a second treatment, so we went ahead at about 2 months. Within another 6 weeks I had full movement, which I had not had for about 3 years, and no pain at all.  

I am now back to full strength and my shoulder feels like it was never injured. 

I was sick at a young age, and the treatment for this caused a lot of hair loss. My hair grew back, but it was much thinner than before. As the years progressed this combined with male pattern baldness and the thinning continued. 

Hair Loss - PRP, Growth Factor, Carboxytherapy

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Dr.Sam examined me and recommended a variety of possible treatment options to restore my hair. As a trial before committing to anything bigger, I had a few carboxytherapy sessions over the following weeks. I was amazed that, within 3 sessions, I could see new small hairs growing at the front of my hairline. The team explained that it can happen this quickly, or slower for some other people, depending on how you respond to the treatment. 

I have continued having carboxytherapy, and I am also taking a medication called Finasteride to protect my hair, and it is continuing to slowly improve. I have now also recently had a ‘Triple Therapy’, which is a combination of PRP, Growth Factor injections and carboxytherapy, and I’m excited to see the results as I go forward. 

The carboxytherapy can sting a little bit in certain parts of the head, but is mostly painless. I had a local anaesthetic for the Triple Therapy, so felt nothing, but my scalp was a little sensitive the next day. 

Based on my initial results and continued improvement, I would definitely recommend these regenerative treatments to anyone who is losing their hair. 

I had some sensation and circulation related issues in my fingers and toes, and would often feel cold or numb. I explored many options with my doctor and consultants but could not find any underlying reasons for this, or any effective treatments to help me.

Carboxytherapy - Circulatory issues

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I discussed this in detail with Dr.Sam, and we decided to try some carboxytherapy to stimulate the blood flow in my extremities. To be fair, he explained that these treatments can work differently for everybody, and there are no guarantees, but I was willing to give it a try as there were no side effects and it was essentially a natural solution. 

After my first 2 sessions I didn’t really notice much except for a return of a bit more colour to the skin on my feet, but coming into session 4 or 5 I have now definitely seen a change, my toes don’t feel cold any more and my hands are much more comfortable a lot more of the time. 

The carboxytherapy treatment can be sore in the hands and feet I’ve heard, but I get a light sedative so I’m asleep for about 15 or 20 minutes, so I don’t remember feeling anything at all, and Sandra always has a lovely coffee for me when I wake up! 

I have not completely gotten rid of the problem, and it might never go, but I can say that my experience so far has been positive and I will continue my treatments to hopefully improve even more. 

I have been getting my Boulinum injections for my wrinkles and lines from Dr. Sam since 2009 and eleven years on I have never considered or went anywhere else – he is simply the best

Siobhan K

Botulinum Treatments

I am touching 80 years of age and I am regularly visiting Nuacell Clinic for the last six years. I am still very active in business and socially and people would never have guessed my real age thanks to the wonderful treatments and attention I get from Dr. Sam and his lovely team. I am regularly told I look in my sixties and I am grateful to know the secret reason for that.

Teresa B

My secret to looking young

I have been travelling from Galway for the last  five years to Malahide at least twice a year for my cosmetic treatments – I am every time very satisfied and I have no intention to go anywhere else.

Lorraine A

Cosmetic Procedures

I had three face lift and suture lift procedures for different areas of my upper, lower face and neck with Dr. Sam since 2008 and I have always been pleasantly surprised with results that exceeded my expectations. Dr. Sam is very conservative and honest and despite a complication I developed on my left cheek after the second procedure, he walked me through a very difficult recovery time and all worked out exactly as he explained to me, despite the complication. 

Elaine B

Face / Suture Lifts

I have attended many many doctors for filler treatments regularly since I had my first filler treatment in 2007. I attended Dr. Sam for the first time in 2016 and he was the first doctor not to just inject a line or fold but actually thoroughly examined my face and explained to me why my ageing signs developed. He explained by treating the causes of the volume and bone loss of my face the treatments will last longer and the result better and this I can confirm is and was indeed the case – I love my filler treatments – I am much happier with my appearances and the treatments last much much longer. 

Audry M

Filler Treatments

One side of my face is obviously not a mirror-image of the other side and this has caused me tremendous anxiety and self-conscious actions of the years including covering one part of my face with my hair or always turning my head sideways talking to people. Dr. Sam used Stem cells to correct the volume of my awkward side and lips and there is no money to pay to be able to look people in the face…straight-on. Thank you Dr. Sam and team – forever grateful.

Marie D

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

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