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Telomere Testing at NuaCell


In the world of aging and longevity, we are starting to look deeper and deeper into our biology and physiology in the search for answers to questions we all have about getting older, degeneration, illness, disease and our own mortality. 

Enter telomeres.

A telomere is part of your DNA. In simple terms, at the end of each strand of DNA, telomeres act like ‘caps’ which protect the chromosomes in the DNA from damage. This is important because our DNA is what allows the body to recover and repair, by instructing the regeneration of each individual cell in our system. If the DNA becomes damaged, it severely impairs the ability of our cells to regrow, regenerate and repair, and this leaves is unable to recover from illness and injury. This is one of the reasons that it becomes more difficult for our bodies to manage the stresses we expose it to as we get older. 


Telomeres naturally experience a shortening as we age, as the cells call on the DNA to regenerate. However, with excess stress on the body, in the form of illness, disease, injury, psychological and emotional stress, poor diet, smoking, drinking and other poor lifestyle issues, there is an increased demand for cell turnover in the body to cope with these demands, and in turn an increase in the shortening of the telomeres. This can eventually lead to a situation where that cell can no longer replicate or regenerate, something also known as cell senescence (learn more about cellular aging and senescence in this podcast with Dr.Sam). If the cells can no longer regenerate, your recovery is severely impaired, and this is what we know as aging. If you accelerate the rate of telomere shortening, in theory you also accelerate the process of aging.



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Why is this important?


New technologies now exist which are able to measure telomere length in individuals. This information can be useful in a few ways. If you can test your telomere length, and then compare that to a similar demographic of people, you can start to paint a picture of how fast or slow your telomeres are shortening compared to ‘average’, and hence determine a rough idea of your general health and rate of aging. This can be somewhat useful as a marker of overall health, as in theory the slower you are aging the ‘healthier’ you are.

What is more interesting however is comparing your telomere length to ITSELF over time. If you take several measurements over a period of time, you can begin to chart your own rate of telomere shortening, and this will then allow you to measure the effects of changes in lifestyle, interventions and treatments, such as NAD+ therapy for example, and to see if treatments like this are actually promoting increased longevity on a cellular level. This can be demonstrated as a reduction in the rate of shortening of the telomeres, or even what has been postulated as an actual reversal of that shortening, a literal anti-aging treatment. 


This is still a relatively new process, however NuaCell is proud to announce that we have partnered with specialist labs performing specific telomere testing for clinical purposes, and that this service will now be available to all NuaCell clients. 


What is very important to understand is that it if you are considering engaging in testing like this, or any anti-aging or longevity protocol, that it is next to impossible to guarantee the results are what you might expect, as each and every single person on this planet presents a huge range of varying factors that make you different to the next person. Considering testing your telomeres, having a treatment, changing your diet or doing anything of that nature does require a commitment to the process, and more importantly an understanding of the surrounding information. Like anything else, telomere testing could potentially be a very useful tool for some to enhance and improve wellness and life, but it is not a catch all, cure all or fix all by any means, so empower yourself and ensure you understand the process! 


Telomere testing can be performed in conjunction with your wellness testing at NuaCell, however it is arranged by specific appointment only. If you would like to learn more about telomere testing at NuaCell, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact us here. 


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Telomeres can help us unlock the secrets of aging and longevity.

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