NuaCell Affiliates

Below are a list of health and wellness professionals that we are happy to recommend as NuaCell affiliates, in a range of different fields. Please feel free to mention that you have been given a recommendation by our clinic.

Health Optimisation and Performance
Customised Programs


Maria Connolly Health

Nutritional Therapy and Holistic Health Coaching

Contact: Maria



The Better Man Project

Contact: Ben

☎ 0871347941

Instagram – @bencraughwell

KH Coaching

Contact: Kevin




Strength, Conditioning, Fitness, Weight Optimisation & Nutrition

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Our mission is to help people build enough willpower to overcome physical obstacles through training.

We will:

  • Strive to help our members achieve their goal at every level.
  • Provide a gym that is inclusive to all individuals
  • Retain our members through our commitment to continuous improvement
  • Provide our members with an environment that is welcoming, friendly, respectful, fun, safe and clean.
  • Continue to work with outside bodies to create facilities for the wider community.

Evolution Fitness Institute



19 St Olave’s, Malahide Road Industrial Park, Dublin




086 7811590



Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP


Medicine Metaphysics Miracles DrAMD, 6 Riverview Cottages, Bayswater, Derry, N Ireland, BT476NT


Dr. Ann Donnelly

+447411 086064



Lifestyle health & Fitness


Unit 10 Kinsealy Business Park, kinsealy Lane, (1.74 km)
K36 X264




083 480 6006



Lifestyle Health Facebook Page

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Mission statement:
Health & wholeness are attained through ongoing attention to our emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual well being. We are much more than these physical bodies & collectively we are becoming more conscious of this. My desire is to assist you to discover & love the wholeness of you. Let the adventure begin!!! ❤️

Staunton Fitness



2 Burton Hall Rd, Sandyford, Dublin



086 3373 979




Staunton Instagram


Learn Somatics


Remote / Online



Colm McDonnell

+353 85 834 6462




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Somatic Movements provide a safe, simple and effective means of addressing many common problems, such as;
• Chronic neuromuscular complaints
• General muscle aches and stiffness
• Physical effects of stress and anxiety
• Poor sleep
• Shallow breathing
• Poor posture

And much more. Check out the Learn Somatics YouTube channel to start learning right now!

Or book your online 1-1 here:

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