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What is Male health?

Male health specifically refers to the areas of health and wellness that relate directly to men, and helping men achieve their full health potential, no matter what the age or condition, is a speciality at NuaCell.

It is not uncommon for men to overlook or downplay the importance of their health, particularly in younger years, however paying attention to the different signs in the male body can help prevent, or even reverse, many of the negative effects of aging and degeneration among men.

Are you noticing yourself struggling with your performance at work or in the gym?

Do you have an issue which affects your confidence or relationship with your partner?

How can nuacell help? 


Testosterone is arguably one of the most important hormones for male health, and is responsible for a wide range of factors, from cardiac health and overall hormone balance to sexual function, immune function and much more.

A large portion of men of all ages today suffer with low testosterone levels as a result of general aging, chronic stress, illness, poor diet, lifestyle choices and more. This can result in a plethora of issues, such as chronic fatigue, low libido, fat gain, loss of muscle mass and so forth.

To learn more about the effects of male hormonal imbalances and low testosterone, and the options available to manage this, click the button below:


From the anatomical side of things, there are some common issues that men can experience that can affect quality of life and reproductive health. Problems with tightening of the foreskin (phimosis), lumps, bumps and changes of appearance to the penis or testes, discomfort during sexual activity and other complaints surrounding the male genitalia occur extremely regularly, and can generally be managed quite easily if addressed properly.

There are also some concerns surrounding penis size, which can lead to severe psychological and psychosexual problems, which can be addressed, as well as some special requirements like surgical contraceptive methods such as vasectomy and so forth.

To learn more about the reproductive issues for men, and the options available to manage these, click the button below:


I perform the vasectomy or male sterilisation procedure following standardised best practice guidelines in one of our theaters using RF-laser technology to perform a scalpel-less procedure. The procedure takes about 1 hour including the preparation and pre-med local anesthetic applications. The procedure is performed in a completely private setting and it will only be myself in the theatre and nobody else is allowed. I use RF laser for the surgery and as a result you would experience a great improvement in recovery time and far less pain and discomfort as a result of much less tissue damage and bruising to the tissue. The sutures are all dissolvable and need not be removed unless otherwise instructed. I perform a triple safe technique:

1. Double ligature of the tube at two places about 0.5 cm apart.
2. Excision biopsy of the L & R tube between the 2 ligatures – this is sent to the pathology lab and you will receive a pathology report confirming the tubes (vas deferens) L & R removed.
3. Enveloping the ends of the tubes in the local tissue (forming a “pillowcase” for each end) to keep the ends permanently apart.

Note: I perform the procedure in a way to allow for a reverse procedure by microsurgery in the future if this is of concern.

I would be advising you to take the next day off work to recover. Recovery usually will be 2-4 days. I will issue a medical certificate on your request for recovery time. Wound inspection post-op is not necessary and you do not have to return for a follow-up unless you prefer to do so. I will give you the materials and documentation to have a final sperm analysis performed after about 3-4 months post -op to confirm no sperm in the ejaculate.

Listen to the Male Heath podcast episodes!

The Human Regeneration Project is a podcast associated with NuaCell clinic, which discusses many topics related to the procedures, treatments and type of medicine practiced at NuaCell. These podcasts are a fantastic way of gaining a deeper understanding of how functional and regenerative medicine works, and can often help you in your own wellness journey.

The two episodes below relate specifically to male health.


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