Hair Loss Treatment

How can regenerative medicine help?

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of different factors. In most cases it is a progressive, degenerative condition linked to genetic factors. In some cases hair loss can also be caused by medical conditions, stress, injury and other factors. It is extremely important to determine the cause of the hair loss before considering treatment. In cases of male or female pattern hair loss, the hair follicle is attacked by DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which causes the follicle to shrink in a process called miniaturisation. The blood supply to the hair is impaired, and the follicle does not receive essential nutrients to grow, so it eventually shuts down completely. Regenerative medicine can help reverse this process, by stimulating the increase in blood supply to the follicles, the release of vital growth factors in the scalp, and the activation of special stem cells responsible for hair growth.

Hair loss
Hair structure

How do the the treatments work?

Treating hair loss involves a holistic approach. As this is generally an ongoing condition, it requires a carefully developed plan to manage properly. Regenerative treatments will often be prescribed in conjunction with each other, as part of a combination therapy, which means several treatments will be used together over a course of time to achieve the best results. Which treatments are recommended, and how often they are required, depends entirely on the individual case and the extent of the hair loss. A common misconception with these treatments, such as PRP for example, is that these are ‘one-stop’ or ‘quick fix’ treatments. This is not correct, as hair loss requires some level of ongoing management.

Hair Restoration Experts

The NuaCell team also operate a full, dedicated hair restoration clinic, the HR Institute, providing regenerative treatments, preventative measures and hair restoration interventions and surgery (hair transplants) to manage all forms of hair loss. Regenerative medicine forms the core of treatment in NuaCell and the HR Institute, and if you would like to discuss hair loss and restoration specifically in a confidential and welcoming setting, visiting the clinic in Malahide is a great way to develop a deep understanding of the condition, and all of the surrounding elements and treatments.

Hair Loss clinic


Below are some of the more common hair loss conditions treated at NuaCell and the HR Institute, for both men and women. This list is by no means exhaustive. However what is important to note is that each case is examined individually before a recommendation is made for any treatment. This will generally involve a physical examination and potentially further testing to properly diagnose the condition. While these treatments can reduce the need for surgery or other interventions in some cases, a holistic approach needs to be taken, considering all options that may benefit the client.

Male/Female Genetic Pattern Baldness


Sebborheic Dermatitis
Eyebrow Hair Loss


Scalp Scarring


Beard Growth

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP uses growth factors found in your own blood to stimulate growth and repair of cells.


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Similar to PRP, PRF contains extra concentrations of growth factors found in the fibrin in your blood.

Growth Factor Injections

Specially prepared growth factors containing special compounds like copper peptides for certain conditions.


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas is used to stimulate a healing effect in the target tissue, leading to growth and repair of cells.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous nutrient supplementation using IV Therapy to support general health, performance and wellness.


PRP helped me with Shoulder Pain

I had suffered chronic shoulder pain for years as a result of an old sporting injury, and after several corticosteroid injections and rehab, I still had no improvement. The team at NuaCell identified some degeneration in the joint, and I had 2 PRP treatments into the shoulder.

PRP treatment

Remarkable improvement

My experience with Dr.Sam and the team has been exceptional. They take the time to go through how the procedure will work and the effects and benefits of the outcome, I’ve never been more comfortable sitting in a clinic in my life.

John C
Hair Loss

Carboxytherapy – Circulatory issues

I had some sensation and circulation related issues in my fingers and toes, and would often feel cold or numb. I explored many options with my doctor and consultants but could not find any underlying reasons for this, or any effective treatments to help me.


Hair Loss after Cancer recovery

I was sick at a young age, and the treatment for this caused a lot of hair loss. My hair grew back, but it was much thinner than before. As the years progressed this combined with male pattern baldness and the thinning continued.

Hair Loss

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