Electronic Health Record Benefits In Medicine

by Jan 6, 2022Dublin Study, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Ultimate Covid Test

Benefits of Electronic Health Records in Medicine

It goes without saying that 2020 was full of surprises for the healthcare industry. The arrival of COVID-19 showed just how valuable digital solutions are for solving the multitude of challenges facing healthcare institutions. Digital technologies have taken centre stage, and they are here to stay.

Digital health adoption is profoundly changing how health services are delivered and is enabling better, more timely, patient-centred care globally. The potential benefits of the electronic health record over traditional paper are many, including cost containment, reductions in errors, and improved compliance by utilizing real-time data. The highest functional level of the electronic health record (EHR) is clinical decision support (CDS) and process automation, which are expected to enhance patient health and healthcare.

Clinical decision support uses passive or active decision support to modify clinician behaviour through recommendations of specific actions. Recommendations may reduce medication errors, which would result in considerable savings such as avoiding adverse drug events. Therefore, an example of such a system and test is the Ultimate Covid-19 test. Which is offered by Axon Evolution and performed at NuaCell clinic in Dublin. The goal is to educate the public how easy it is to manage and control your own medical records. The current use of the Electronic Health Record by hundreds of patients have successfully enlightened them to the benefits of owning their own health records using the Axon myHealth mobile application.


What does this mean for you?

Owning your own electronic health records and having them available at any time or anywhere would enhance the health practitioner’s capabilities to make clinical decisions. Additionally, the time required to do follow-ups, as well as assisting in better forecasting of patient outcomes, avoiding costs and correctly prompting the most suitable treatment plan or treatment modifications by clinicians. Subsequently, these features aid in decision-making. The future of EHRs holds a lot of promise with better care for patients and ease of providing superior care by health practitioners and other medical facilities using digital technologies. Therefore, using electronic health record data in real-time for decision support and process automation has the potential to both reduce costs, time, resource management and improve the quality of patient care.

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