Is a regenerative treatment which uses Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the same gas that we naturally exhale, to trigger a series of healing responses in the body. Therefore, this is sometimes referred to as the ‘magic gas’. Carboxytherapy fools the body’s defence systems into thinking an injury or trauma has occurred. As a result of this, the natural response is something known as a healing cascade. This is where the area is flooded with blood, oxygen and healing cells to repair this ‘injury’ and remove the CO2. Consequently, this response also stimulates the release of growth factors. This leads to the growth and rejuvenation of tissue and cells in the target area. As this gas is a natural waste product of the body, and is simply a trigger for our own healing capabilities, carboxytherapy is known as a ‘green’ treatment.

What can it be used for?

Carboxytherapy was originally designed for scar repair. It works by reducing the appearance of scarring in the skin by remodelling the tissue and cells. As time and research have progressed, many other successful applications for this treatment were uncovered. In the realm of regenerative treatments, carboxytherapy is an excellent basic stimulation therapy. Furthermore, it can be used either as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with other adjunctive therapies.

Currently, the treatment is commonly used for:

Scar repair and reduction 

– Hair loss, beard and eyebrow growth

– Skin rejuvenation

– Wrinkles and lines

– Fat spot-reduction

– Vaginal rejuvenation 

– Erectile and male sensitivity disorders

– Peripheral circulatory disease

Carboxytherapy is known as a natural green treatment, and side effects are not currently noted or expected due to the nature of the therapy. However, a comprehensive consultation between you and the practitioner is vital before considering treatment. This will ensure that your particular case is suitable for regenerative procedures.


Remarkable improvement

My experience with Dr.Sam and the team has been exceptional. They take the time to go through how the procedure will work and the effects and benefits of the outcome, I’ve never been more comfortable sitting in a clinic in my life.

John C
Hair Loss

PRP helped me with Shoulder Pain

I had suffered chronic shoulder pain for years as a result of an old sporting injury, and after several corticosteroid injections and rehab, I still had no improvement. The team at NuaCell identified some degeneration in the joint, and I had 2 PRP treatments into the shoulder.

PRP treatment

Hair Loss after Cancer recovery

I was sick at a young age, and the treatment for this caused a lot of hair loss. My hair grew back, but it was much thinner than before. As the years progressed this combined with male pattern baldness and the thinning continued.

Hair Loss

Carboxytherapy – Circulatory issues

I had some sensation and circulation related issues in my fingers and toes, and would often feel cold or numb. I explored many options with my doctor and consultants but could not find any underlying reasons for this, or any effective treatments to help me.



Is the treatment painful?
Carboxytherapy involves the use of a very small needle to introduce the gas into the target area. When used for superficial aesthetic treatments such as hair and skin restoration, this is generally a painless treatment for most.

Deeper treatments, for circulatory issues or fat deposits for example, can be uncomfortable for some. However, when performed under the supervision of a qualified doctor, you should have access to local anaesthetics and light sedation to ensure a comfortable experience.

What exactly is injected?
The only substance introduced into the body during carboxytherapy treatment is medical CO2. This is the exact same gas created as a waste product of metabolism in the body.

In some cases a local anaesthetic or sedative may be used before the treatment. This is purely for pain management, not for therapeutic effect.

How much does it cost?
The cost of Carboxytherapy treatments will depend on the type of treatment performed, the area to be treated, and the specific treatment plan for that client.

Basic treatments sessions for hair loss will generally cost €60.

This will also change if these treatments are performed alongside other adjunctive treatments such as PRF or PRP. This can be the case for many treatment plans.

How long do I have to wait to see results?
This depends on the type of treatment you have. Generally treatments for hair restoration can take some time to show visible results, as you must wait for the follicle to produce the new hair, and for that hair to grow to a length that is visible. This can take up to 6 months, or longer in some cases.

For circulatory or sensitivity issues, clients generally see results quicker than that.

Some clients can see results sooner, and some may need to wait a bit longer. This is because everyone can respond differently to these types of treatment.

How many treatments do I need?
With aesthetic treatments such as hair loss and skin restoration, it is important to understand that you are managing ongoing ageing conditions. Consequently, this can involve multiple treatments over the course of time, and can often depend on the use of other adjunctive treatments as well.

Therefore, a specific treatment plan is developed with each client during the initial consultation. This will indicate how many treatments are recommended for effective results.

how do i find out what i need for my case?
The most important part of the process is the initial consultation. At NuaCell, this consultation is with our specialist restoration physician and surgeon. During this consultation you will discuss your particular case in detail, and you will develop a treatment plan based on your expectations and the doctor's expert recommendations. This treatment plan will  give you a very good outline of the costs involved. You will also learn how many treatments you may need, what kind of results are possible and all of the other information relevant to your case. You should never undergo a treatment without a comprehensive consultation first.

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