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About NuaCell

As experts in skin and hair restoration and regenerative medicine in Ireland for over 10 years, the team behind NuaCell, led by Dr.Sam van Eeden, created this bespoke resource to educate and guide those interested in exploring the world of stem-cell-based regenerative medicine, and to provide the very best treatments available.

The clinic provides a wide range of services, from managing sports injuries and chronic musculoskeletal ailments, to treatment of skin disorders, aesthetic procedures, hair loss management and many other medical conditions.

NuaCell is built on a foundation of ethical and evidence-based treatment, and the team are constantly exploring the very latest research to provide clients with the most modern approach to this fantastic field of medicine, and to help change lives for the better.

The clinic also operates a specialised hair loss clinic, the HR Institute, alongside the NuaCell regenerative clinic, specifically managing hair loss treatments, hair transplants, and regenerative hair growth.

Our Surgeon

Dr. Sam van Eeden

Medical Director, Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Dr.Sam van Eeden is a specialist in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine, with more than 10 years of experience specifically in the field of hair and skin restoration, male health procedures and restorative musculoskeletal injury management.

Dr. Van Eeden is an Honorary Faculty Member and lecturer in Aesthetic medicine in the Centre for Cell Biology & Cutaneous Research at the Blizard Institute, within Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London.

As a practitioner and lecturer,Dr.van Eeden is constantly updating his knowledge and expertise in the field of regenerative medicine to stay at the sharp edge of this exciting branch of medicine, and provide clients of NuaCell with a modern and evidence-based service.

As an educator, Dr.van Eeden believes in equipping all clients of the clinic with robust and thorough knowledge surrounding the procedures they are undergoing, as this ensures they understand the treatment process and expected outcomes.

All of NuaCell’s treatment plans are designed and prescribed for each individual client by Dr.van Eeden upon a detailed consultation and examination of the case, and consideration all of the surrounding factors.

Academic Qualifications:

MBChB,  BMedSci,  Diplomate IBHRS ABHRS, MSc Aesthetic Medicine QMUL (cum laude) IMC122373

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